Vorgok — Mass Funeral at Sea

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Текст Vorgok — Mass Funeral at Sea

Expelled from the land where they belong
Their home for many thousand years
Amidst devastation they try in despair
To flee from this demonic hunt
Drifting offshore, lost in the ocean
Smuggled, forsaken live load
Pervious to water life jackets they wear
The weight will make ´em drown

Collapse in the wake
Of war with reasons fake
Alleged fight to keep
Western nations´ peace
Black gold is all they seek

Religion-supported bloodbath
Brothers kill within their creed
Regional rivalry for domination
Persians and arabs ignore the screams

Xenophobic offences comitted
Fragile international law
No shelter for the refugees
Nationalism builds up the walls
Richest populations, out of compassion
Deny the moral imperative
Not long ago they did benefit from
Collective lack of memory
The selfish action will take it´s toll
On those condemned by history
Demographic aging to dry out the well
Welfare State will become debris