Vorgok — Man Wolf to Man

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Текст Vorgok — Man Wolf to Man

Perfidious conditions to barely exist
As beings of inherent value
Reduced to disposable piece of gear
To maintain the wheel spinning
Victims of savage system of trade
Unrestrained market ambition
Immolation of freedom in captivity
Workforce for free

Flows from the wounds
On body, in mind
Man wolf to man

Legally banned slavery hides
Behind the chain of production
To maximize the profit of few
And their need for consumption
Deceiving the young, illusive jobs
In farms they are exploited
Kidnap the children for the weaving machines
Death stained tapestry

Those who try to run
The slave driver brings
Execution by
Excruciating pain

Crack of the whip
Horrific cries
Sound endlessly
Repulsive flies
Infect the wounds
That spit out pus