Vorgok — Headless Children

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Текст Vorgok — Headless Children

So they are born against all odds
To persue their fate in normalcy
Inter-tribal warfare, organized crime
Gang wars consolidate the cradle of violence

Wasted childhood
Broken lives
Damage beyond repair
World tribulation
Ever to cease
As they are raised as headless children

In tender age they´re pushed into hard work
Attendance at school it will not pay
Filling the shoes of the provider
Injured by artillery or killed by the blade

Caught in the firing line of conflict
Incurable trauma from violent events
Living in fear of sexual assault
Becoming the slave to master´s desires
Turned into soldiers without a choice
Fighting a war that is not theirs
Caught in the firing line of conflict
Mental disorder of life-long impact
The patriarch will give away
His daughter still a child
He sees no use, he sees no gain
To grant her formal knowledge
Submitted to another man
Her path in life´s defined
There she´ll walk in the dark
Uncultured and servile