Vorgok — Hell’s Portrait

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Текст Vorgok — Hell’s Portrait

Packed in trains arrive from Terezin
Cattle to the slaughter, naive about their doom
The suffocating stench of excrement
Announces a crime against humanity

The old are sorted out along with the invalid
Kids and pregnant women put in line to die
The healthy are spared far from safe and sound
Too soon they´ll find they would rather be dead

Slave labour routine from dawn to dusk
Eighteen but looking like eighty
Do push ups and show no fatigue
Or be sent right away to the chamber
The hellish red glow of flames
From the crematorium
Fed by trucks loaded by inmates
With piles of bodies of their peers

The hope to survive has faded away
It is clear there is no escape
Unbelievable visions defy sanity
The mind sees relief in suicide
There is nothing else to do
To end such misery
Electric barbed wire is the redemption
Just one touch and it all´ll be gone

Annihilation the most painful way
A cruel exhibition of hell´s portrait
The grim memoir of Alfred Kantor
Depicted in drawings of absurd horror

«Abandon all hope ye who enter here»
The merciless genocide procreates your inner fear
Brutal experiments conceive your growing pain
Will the hell of the cross ever be slain?
How about a nice shower?
Or a ride in the ambulance?
Are you ready for the gas chamber
Where you´ll meet your family?