Thugga Massina, DJ Foway, Drew Delton — Trap Back текст песни

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Текст Thugga Massina, DJ Foway, Drew Delton — Trap Back

[Intro: DJ Foway]
These niggas got the streets fucked up man
When you get the money, you get the power
When you get the power, you get the bitches

[Hook: Thugga Massina]
All my shooters shoot, if I were you I wouldn’t touch that
All about the loot, if it ain’t blue then I’m like fuck that
Hop up out the coupe, you know them bitches ’bout to rush that
She think that I’m cool, you know a nigga ’bout to buss that
If I rap ’bout it then I live that
I might pull up where you live at
Show a young nigga where the bag at
Know a young nigga gotta have that
Used to stuff racks in a trash bag
I done got back in my rap bag
All you new niggas getting laughed at
Real niggas ’bout to take the trap back

[Verse 1: Thugga Massina]
Back in this bitch with a vengeance
Studio full of syringes
Yeah nigga this is that dope-
Ain’t wearing no coats but we in the trenches
Fuck niggas back on the benches
Real niggas back in the game
Still ain’t fucking with 12-
No I ain’t Miss Deb but I carry that flame
You know the name
Came up slanging that kushy
You ain’t Salt-n-Pepa lil’ nigga don’t push it
Shooters ain’t Republican but they’re behind the bushes
Racks like Pamela
You’re a worker, can I speak to your manager?
Take me to the king, i’m the man like Tamela
Fuck the police like Ghost banging Angela
Streets like Thugga put a hit out
I was too busy putting hits out
Nigga quick to put a lil’ bitch out
Tap the teacup then shawty gotta Get Out!
God MC, please don’t make me showboat
Foway’s Eric B, nigga I ain’t no joke
Feeling like the cops came in through the back —
I had to swallow the crack ’cause you know my shit’s dope
Nigga you don’t want smoke, I’ll have the heater bussing
Swiss cheesing like I took a picture of Alicia’s husband

Young nigga got bricks like a pizza oven
Broke up with my bitch, should’ve never let me meet her cousin


[Verse 2: Drew Delton]
Money stretching like Dhalsim nigga
In the Levi jeans, i’m robbin’ niggas
With this work, i’m a doctor
Ain’t talking food if I say you impostor
Taking down names like you’re writing a roster
You’re making statements, we’re making deposits
Ash on a bitch just like a rasta
I’m a king nigga call me Selassie
I’m the duh duh man but I do not stutter
The only thing do is this clip that I’m clutching
You niggas be talking but ain’t saying nothing
My niggas be hitting these licks just to function
What you know about selling food stamps with your tramp trapping like fuck it?
Shortstopping on all the plays ’cause bitch I fucking hustle
Hit the swoosh on a lil bitch like Nikes
And let the dick turn her like Ike
Your bitch call you and say Night Night
Your bitch call me and say Pipe Pipe
You killing over pussy then it’s not right
Chopper burn a nigga wig now he like Mike
Why all these rappers so light bright?
I know your type and your type fright
This shit mines nigga so I’m hollering gimme
And you ain’t gotta hit the playoffs just to see them semis
But I know when it’s final, they don’t wanna see me winning
But I stay clutch on these niggas like Kobe off the pivot