The Julie Ruin — Run Fast

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Текст The Julie Ruin — Run Fast

We were called sluts from the time we were five

And teased so fucking bad that we thought we would die

We were the girls in tight jeans who always walked alone

And rode our bikes late at night to avoid going home


We numbed ourselves out on peppermint schnapps

And super sized sundaes with chocolate sauce

We stole cheap locks from the hardware store

And put em up with butter knives on our bedroom doors


We ran so fast

In the movie they show us in each other’s arms

But the truth is we almost always cried alone

We gave handjobs quick and always with a smile


So it didn’t get too weird and we didn’t have to die

We lived in light switches and painted walls

And spent too many hours at the food court at the mall

We smoked pin joints under fluorescent lights


And wore shorts at the beach just to hide our thighs

We ran so fast

Years later we’d be told that we weren’t real punks

By boys in bands who acted like our dads when they were drunk


And they can all brag now about how they were there

When we took over the stage and took our fair share

But whatever the truth, in the end we made

Tiny islands where we didn’t always have to be afraid


And an X will forever mark the spot

When we decided we had had just about enough

We ran so fast

We ran so fast