Le Tigre — Keep on Livin’

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Текст Le Tigre — Keep on Livin’

You hide inside, so not okay

(keep on, keep on livin’)

What if you remember more today?

(Keep on, keep on livin’)


The phone rings but there’s too much to say

(keep on, keep on livin’)

You tell them to go when you wish they would stay

(keep on, keep on livin’)


You gotta keep on (keep on livin’)…

Disproportionate reactions just won’t fade

(keep on, keep on livin’)

Every dude you see puts you in a rage


(keep on, keep on livin’)

Or stupid shit keeps making you cry

(keep on, keep on livin’)

Your friends are worried you won’t tell them why


(keep on, keep on livin’)

You gotta keep on (keep on livin!)…

Look up to the sky sky sky.

Take back your own tonight.


You’ll find more than you see.

It’s time now now get ready.

So you can taste that sweet sweet cake

And feel the warm water in a lake (y’know).


What about that nice cool breeze?

And hear the buzzing of the bumble bees.

Just live beyond those neighborhood lives

And go past the yard outside


And push through your greatest fears

And live past your memories ters

Cuz you don’t need to scratch inside.

Just please hold onto your pride and…


So don’t let them bring you down

And don’t let them fuck you around cuz those are you arms,

That is your heat and no no they can’t tear you apart.

They can’t take it away, no!


This is your time this is your life and…

(keep on livin!)…