Stalley — The Tune Up

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…I wanna know what’s the relation
Between cars and bass?

I-I-I-it depends on your trunk space…
Depends on…what kind of car you have. Um…

Cause some people are smart…?

Yeah. Ah…some people when they don’t have…
A big enough car, they’ll use their whole back seat for a box—
The back seat and the trunk
So…It just all depends…
((…all depends,..all depends))
(echoes & fades out)

Glassback roof. Ground effects kit
Fiberglass enclosure, sub-woofers: 15 inches
Prowling through the «Milq». ’73 Caprice
Two-tone blue—black pinstripes: 350 engine
Dual flow-masters, swisher-sweets getting twisted
Blasting out old tunes—
Trying to match the music with my new views
Looking at the the world different lately—
I just wanna take care of the lady that made me
Honestly that same motive is driving me crazy
Feel the pressure through the bucket seats
A lot of death wishes but it’s always the same ones…
That end up loving me
It’s puzzling putting together pieces
Demon-days be coming in with snakes and leaches—
The garden of the boulevard:
Trying to duck the bullet large
Straight aces—trying to play the cards I’ve been dealt
To only come to grips that I’ve been playing by myself…

*»…Que ia ser melhor depois
Você queria ser
O grande herói das estradas
Tudo que você queria ser»*

«…You want to be
The great hero of the roads
Everything you wanted to be»

A black hole for a dusty soul
And 14 inch red-lines for that dusty road
I spin a globe and place my finger on it:
Where ever it stops it’s the next place I’m owning—
I’m on it
Still journeying with tight boats
A leather journal filled with life quotes
Got a whole lot of living—
Still my life’s a movie with words with a vivid real:
The last real nigga out—
You should try and build…
A catalog like mine
Ain’t a lotta like mines:
That’s why I’m always *’uno’* on my grind
Small circle short tolerance for dummies that try and climb…
The mountain I define: I communicate like a mime
With middle fingers and a straight face
So I hope you getting my…sentiments to your life
Actions speak many words—
No need to read between the lines
Just watch: suggestion; as I pass by—
This brilliant world of mine

*»Com sol e chuva você sonhava
Que ia ser melhor depois
Você queria ser
O grande herói das estradas
Tudo que você queria ser»*