Stalley — See the Milq from My Chevy

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Текст Stalley — See the Milq from My Chevy

I rap for listeners, blunt heads, fly ladies, and prisoners
And don’t forget the (music)

A hustler told me you only hustle when you need to
And make sure you feed the streets, please don’t let them feed you
And don’t listen to them snakes, they’ll tell you anything to lead you right
In their garden so they could squeeze you
With the most venomous approach and they’ll hang you with them ropes
They be acting like they clean but they be mingling with dopes
Just some addicts in disguise and you can see it in they eyes
And they come across so real in they lies
Some of my closest partners geeked out
Trapped on the southeast side and they ain’t getting out
Either you a hustler or a customer some ain’t built for the game so they be (codeine and pilled out)
Trying to get rid of the pain and honestly I had some feelings the same
Just I faced up a little, different pace up a little distance away from the trap but I keep it trill with my folks and I always come back
Lesson learned know that

My raps tell a lot about where I been, where I came from, what I been doing, where I’m going to
My reflection through this father glass booth is the essence of a root that came from the soil to produce
Much life to the hopeless I stayed honest so they not misinformed and I always paid homage so they listen to him
Knowing there’s never been one so powerful to speak for them
And now I’m here on this platform, Imma rap for them like pimps back home with curls and platforms
But it’s escaped cons and long beard and I still got the drop top with the diamond in the rear
No fear homie this is it, no shortstops I’m swinging for the fences all or nothing no bunting
Cause if I go I’m going out on some epic ish
(Cause if I go I’m going out on some epic ish)