Scott Walker — Rawhide

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Текст Scott Walker — Rawhide

This is how you disappear out between midnight
Called up under valleys of torches and stars
Foot, knee, shaggy belly, face, famous hindlegs
As one of their own, you graze with them

Cro-magnon herders will stand in the wind
Sweeping tails shining and scaled to begin
Shutting down here
Shutting down here
To where necks leave the air unpossesed
Giant heads lock constellations
A last grain of dust lands in the darkness
On tongues laid bare and turning to chalk
Shutting down here

Freezing in red, bent over his ice skin
The insomniac gnaws in the On-Offs;
He is glazed in the hooves all around
It is losing its shape, losing its shape
As the heat in your hands
Carve the muscle away

And he grins from a break in a backflash
Delivers it up on a break in a backflash

Motionless brands burn into a hipframe
As a saviour loads sightlines backlit by fires
On the ridges of the highest breeder