Exhumed — Re-Entry and Destruction

Слушать Exhumed — Re-Entry and Destruction

Текст Exhumed — Re-Entry and Destruction

Nuclear war, Earth drops it’s floor
Bodies will pour
Re-entry and destruction
Soldiers don’t fight
Can’t stop this fight
No future in sight
Re-entry and destruction

As the worlds of hatred
Passed between the two super powers
Of the world
Existing terms of peace, were broken
Governmental leaders heard not the cries
For peace

Only the cries to their pride
Screaming out for world-wide
Recognition and glory

World-wide panic spread through-out-the-world
As the holocaust was unleashed
Burning bodies cried out of pain
As the nuclear war-heads crushed the Earth
And everything surrounding it
The Earth is destroyed

The final fight, Satan’s delight
There’s no light
Re-entry and destruction
Who knows whose wrong
Survive will the strong
Who knows how long before
Re-entry and destruction