Exhumed — Deadest of the Dead

Слушать Exhumed — Deadest of the Dead

Текст Exhumed — Deadest of the Dead

In the deadest of nights I perform a graveside disservice
Disinhuming the remains of those who
I deem to deserve this
A corpse dead to rights will
Undergo this rigorous trashing
Selecting the tomb of the poor stiff that

Tonight I will be thrashing
Exhumed from the shelter of earth’s dusty
Embrace for a morbid curiosity
Then abruptly dismembered without
Compunction, just pure feriocity
Consumed and left to welter
In shredded entrails and long dessciated pus
Wiping the firt from my hands
As I walk from the grave that I’ve trampled to dust
Caskets uprooted, mausoleums
Stained red, riding high six feet deep amongst the deadest of the dead

A tombstone is the sole mute witness
To necro-attrocities as I endeavor to
Split this, corpse in half, stricken by my wrath
The carcass is maimed
Cleft by pick-axe, halved, quartered and smashed
The gravesite’s in flames
Culled from the reams of obituaries deep in the cemetary, I torment the entombed
The dead should be wary of the grudges I carry
Deep into the gloom, riding high six feet under
Inhale the stench of my nocturnal

Plunderm I’ll never find piece in a cold, hard death bed
Until I have found
The deadest of the dead
Your insipid epitaph rots, In the dead-letter file

A necrophile’s smile beguiles
Your remains thus defiled
The decrepit
Laughter echoes
In the now vacant burial plot
Decayed, dead and decomposed
But in peace you’ll never rot

Piss on the unholy grave, torso carved and depraved
Now gone the way of all flesh to give me this day my daily death
The next to fall prey to my sepulchural slaughter
Another dead festering
Corpse whose demise has at last brought her
Under the blade, she’s carved
Up and flayed
Body dismembered
No respects paid, I hack up the slayed
Who no one remembers
Chainsaw fucked to the hilt, her guts have all spilled

I destroy the interred
One foot in the grave, by the casket enslaved I’m an unholy terror, riding high six feet down
Finding my niche in a hole in the ground
One step over the dead-line I tread
In this graveyard of stiffs

I am the deadest of the dead