Animosity — Holy Shackles

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Текст Animosity — Holy Shackles

How can we grow if we are living in the past?
Where progression is condemned and life is only just a path
To an unknown unreal existence
Better yet how can anyone believe it?
You told me that Jesus loves us all but you sleep on the streets
You pray to god every night but your family can’t eat
I know that your aren’t stupid, so what are you doing?
It is not just yourself its the fucking world that it’s screwing

His eternal love has bred and epidemic of hate
Killed off our free will and replaced it with fate
Until our seeds are born unpoisoned and uncontaminated
Future generations will only know miseducation
It’s a scary situation when it’s captured most of the entire fucking nation
I wish more than anything, for society to change, Stop Killing!
Stop dying over religion and relying on god to feed their children
Living life with out feeling

It’s a degradation to humanity, to believe that we all subserviently accept a Life of disease and wage slavery and they continue to teach the kids their Lives are out of their reach

The cyclical onslaught leaves a bloody red chord in the name of the imaginary almighty lord. Everyone is killing each other because god loves us all. There’s no hope for change unless this bullshit falls

There can be no peace until we murder the lord

Religion is a drain on society, and has held us back for centuries
Countless acts of violence and atrocities
Committed in the name of a supreme being

Evolution means anti religion, and until we get there society is living in a fucking prison
Because of a unsightly regressive history decorated with war
There can be no peace till we murder the lord