yung bruh — i’m uploading

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Текст yung bruh — i’m uploading

Lil Tracy and it’s Souljawitch, nigga (Yah)
Yung Bruh, Lil Tracy, Thraxxhouse
Shawty, I’m up next (I’m up next)
I’m up next (I’m up next)
Lil Angel, Thraxxhouse, Thraxxhouse
Thraxx, Thraxx, woah, woah
Woah, Thraxxhouse

Ever since I was fourteen, I’ve been smoking weed
Used to po’ up Robitussin and pretend like lean
At my grandma house, I was so happy
Now I’m depressed, smoking blunts, tryna get money
So depressed, smoking blunts, feeling like Yung Lean
Depressed smoking weed, sipping Arizona tea
In a couple years, when everybody know me
Lil’ angel nigga, I’m so heavenly

Lil Angel (Yung Bruh, SouljahWitch)
Lil Tracy, Lil Tracy
I’m up next, I’m up next
Emo shawty on my lap, smoking princess dope