Vince Staples — Lindo

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Текст Vince Staples — Lindo

More money, more problems
More killings, more robbing’s
Find us northern, never loitered the corners, we cop dodged it
Never focused on the image, my niggas just saw profit
Never chose to play a victim, so niggas just caught bodies
If he gotta go, he gotta go, product of the path he chose
Understand I’ve been a businessman who’s made for packing O’s
Laying in that traffic, smoke never I know better
I seen what they was spinning, I ain’t wanna be that nigga

I just wanna be the nigga they paying, never the nigga they playing
Cause niggas know me well
Hit me for the sales on sedation, I got it on the scale, willing and waiting
Just come prepared with the payment, and you will be feeling amazing
See I’ve been worried ’bout them commas, and never ’bout the karma
So sell it to the daughter’s, we sell it to the mama’s
Shit, you know the medicine not exempt from relative’s
Relative to what you think, I’m really out here selling shit
Bigger guns and better clips, apologize to the most high
For my recklessness, brain been gone, need a Range on chrome
And a twelve gauge sawed off
Look me in my eyes, and tell me what you see
A product of these streets, that’s moving product, slanging pea’s
I got a couple G’s that’s down to do big for me

If you ain’t home they put a hole up in your kids skullie’s
Dirty like rugby when we ride around the town
Hoping that we catch him slipping, chopper’s lay his ass down
Paying my mama rent, hoping that I make her proud
Cause she knowing when she leaving a nigga trapping at her house
Got birds in the couch, I gotta get this paper
And if they running their mouth, forty get their ass a taper
Send him to his maker, do his mom’s a favor
In the life that she never gave him, that semi spray him

And now I’m laying low, dro’ing with a couple hoes
Just bought a forty-four so tell me what I gotta tell some folk
It’s like I’m Frank Lucas to these Russell Crowe’s
I got the dope and everybody know
I got the pills if you down to roll
I got the dro if you tryna’ smoke
Hit my phone, fo’ sho’ I got the cheapest quote’s