The Microphones — We Squirm

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Текст The Microphones — We Squirm

Do you seriously believe, that you will not be a prisoner?
Do you insistently try
Over and over to seem free in your life,
And the ways that you treat your loves and delights,
Your troubles and fights,
And me?

Well let me say
Yeah, go ahead and try!
But I say you will be captive
Alone with me
We’re stuck in the mark of our hearts
And the fear that we’ll find,
These feelings of ours start to seem like bars
So we squirm
And sink deeper
Yes, we rigle into jail cells

But I say: Let feelings hold you
I say: Embrace your captors
I say: Get to know them deep
Have no news you wont hear

Have no truths you wont tear
Have no hopes that you’ll ever find freedom
From your tyrant heart