The Longest Johns — All at Sea

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Текст The Longest Johns — All at Sea

I lost my heart among the waves
I wait to feel it sink
The girl I love has gone to sea
Whilst I stand on the brink
To my dismay she gives her ship more love than ever I got
And I am left upon the shore
For my love’s become
A pirate

When first I heard I was on board
Its quite a sexy look
The hat looks good and I was pleased
But neither hand was a hook
The eye-patch was a turn on
Even the sword I thought quite hot
The peg-leg might have been a touch too much
When my wife became a pirate

For half a moon we sailed the seas
And other vessels sank
And though my cohorts did mutiny
I bid them walk the plank
But now our mid ship had been scuppered
Our love succumbed to dry-rut
And I am left to stay the course
For my love has become a pirate

I wait to hear her crows nest call
And spy me off the bow
Ignore the sirens calling that
She lies in the locker now
So I stand alone, upon the bay
And cannot help but cry lots
Its a land lovers life to curse the day
My love became a pirate