Slimelife Shawty — Slimestyle

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Текст Slimelife Shawty — Slimestyle

I ain’t never did a freestyle before
Just go, go, run that beat, let’s do it

I’m ballin’ like Melo, straight up out the ghetto
Light ’em up, petrol, smoke, I don’t let go
Shawty keep the heat, shawty packin’ heat
Shawty rappin’ heat, stick backseat
Racks on me, don’t lack, homie
Don’t ask questions ’cause I don’t know things
Talkin’ to my teacher
They wanted me to tell it all, but ain’t no preacher
Niggas ain’t niggas no more, they actin’ like divas
Faster than a cheetah, runnin’ like a cheetah
Shit, I ain’t gotta cheat, ’cause bitch, I’ll leave ya
I bet that’ll teach you
Hit louder than the speaker, higher than ether
Woah, bitch, learn your lesson, I am a blessing
Don’t play with blessings, stop goin’ through my messages
Fifty missed calls and all of ’em gettin’ neglected
I meant deflected, no, I meant rejected
It’s a young nigga world and a young nigga way
Young nigga don’t care about double G, he want K
Free that young nigga Melly out that cage (SuWoop)
Young niggas brazy, slatted, insane
Bitch, I’m feelin’ pain (What?)
But she make me feel better, she suck it like a drain
I went and blew this money on bitches, not no chains
Bitch, ’cause I’m from the gutter, you think I ain’t got no brain
Hah, psych, bitch
I ain’t never spent a damn dime on a bitch (For sure)
She done spent it on my bitch but she is not a bitch (For sure)
My bitch gon’ be real mad when she hear this hit (For sure)
Shit, I ain’t mean that shit, but she fuckin’ with a jit (For sure)
I ain’t have no paper to go buy me some kicks (Right)
I ain’t have the heart to go hit my own licks (Right)
When I hit a lick, a young nigga called for a brick
I was dreamin’ that shit (Damn), I thought I was lit
Litty, bitches showin’ titty
Young niggas do what they want, takin’ over the city
Niggas know I’m slime, better not play with me (Slatt)
YSL lifestyle, pussy, don’t forget it