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got two old tractors
Yellow and green
They still is pullin’
Y’know what I mean
One is a Diesel
The other is a gas
And they ain’t built for comfort
They gon’ kick your ass

Gonna take me
Home, home, home (x2)

Now had me this ol’ dog
But now he’s gone
Sure do miss him
Wish he was around
Like to get another one
Maybe someday I will
But now I got this job
I’m gonna pay my bills

Gonna take me
Home, home, home (x2)

I got a 51 Chevy
All full of rust
It one of them
For get-there-or-bust
Sometimes I think about
Gettin’ somethin’ new
But I’m gonna leave that one for you

Gonna take me
Home, home, home (x4)