Scott Walker — Rosemary

Слушать Scott Walker — Rosemary

Текст Scott Walker — Rosemary

Voices from a photograph
Laughed from your wall, screamed through your dreams
Wake up Rosemary and wipe your teary eyes
Rise and cross the cold bare floor
And watch the moon through frosted glass
Damn that photograph, I’ll have to take it down!
She hears the boats as they move down the river
She sees a dog straining hard on his leash to get away
She hears the clock and it strikes like a hammer
Pounding the nails one day further in the coffin of her youth

Evenings with your mother’s friends
Pregnant eyes, sagging chins
Swollen fingertips pour antique cups of tea
Who are you and where you been?
Suspended in a weightless wind
Watching trains go by from platforms in the rain
Look at the photograph, dream back last summer
Dream back the lips of that travelling salesman, Mr. Jim
He smelt of miracles with stained glass whispers
You loved his laughter, you tremble beneath him once again

That’s what I want
A new shot at life
But my coat’s too thin, my feet won’t fly
And I watch the wind and I see another dream
Blowin’ by…