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Текст — Scorpions — Delirious

She’s got the look that starts a fire
I must admit I follow every move she makes
She’s got the touch of cool desire
It’s a game that I really love to play
She runs the show as everyone can see

The fever grows to pure insanity
She’s cool inside
She drives me wild
So cool inside
She drives me wild
She’s got the eyes of a tiger
You can tell she is looking out for fame
She spends her night just like a spider
Once I’m in there is no way to escape
The way she moves just feeds my fantasy

You wanna go, but you can never leave
If she comes, and that’s for sure
It just can’t get any better anymore
Here she comes, now give me more
Don’t ever stop!
Stop, baby!
Don’t go away!
She’s like a stone that’s coming over me
That fever grows to pure insanity