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Текст Public Enemy — Tie Goes To The Runner

Here a track I found underneath
Findin’ beats is a treat
An’ I don’t care if it top pop
Abracadabra can’t keep a tab a This stickin’ around like D an’ it stuck Chuck
Into a mode, unloadin’ pop, pop, pop
Go the weasels that dropped from the hip hop
Kissin’ the good bye
Goin’ goin’ gone
Keep it flowin’ on Like a lemon I ain’t livin’
Like a lime here’s a line
To those here’s a rose keep the casket closed
Gone and in check
The next is from the X Wrecked and affected by the rest huh
How I’m gonna go I gotta flow
‘Cause they figure I’m a gonna…
Tie goes to the runner
Politikin’ I be wreckin’
I reckon he’s the electrician
Pullin’ the switches on brothers

To them it doesn’t matter
Where it splatter
Our blood from the bullet
Not ballot I vote for Jim Brown
I know it don’t rhyme
Does it matter that he In fact he won’t find
Excuses inside of Murphy Brown
I’m on a level livin’ low
Here we go I know
If this was Africa I’d try to give a necktie
To those runnin’ & lyin’ disguisin’
Three guys (surprise)
Tie goes to the runner
Not surprised at all
About the riot zone
And I moan

I wish they leave me alone yo This was predicted not self-inflicted
By the rapp outta the ‘hood
They picked it good
Hittin’ heavy critical aim at all the phony names
Prez rembezzlers
Who gettin’ voted mayor
Lookin’ at ’em wit’ an Evil eye (why lie)
I don’t buy the fly look
As the fall guy
I’m livin’ low across the tracks
Politikin’ who stickin’ had better
Watch their backs
In another long hot summer
Tie goes to the runner

An’ I quote
I freak da notes
I double the dose
All she wrote
Devour got the power of a double man
Get excited just don’t bite it or you’re in trouble man
Got a rhythm to ride
A thought provoke
‘Cause I don’t joke
Here’s a brother wit’ an attitude
Don’t get me rude
Chew it up wass up it’s like food