Miggie Snyder — Legend Lake

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Текст Miggie Snyder — Legend Lake

There’s a lake up in the north woods of Wisconsin
I’ve heard stories of adventures up there
And there’s a family that never quite stops talkin ‘
Who spends their summers in a house they all share

And it smells like campfire mixed up with sunscreen
And it sounds like the best time you ever had
They say those trees are the prettiest ones you’ll ever see
They say when you’re up there you’ll never be sad

By that lake up in the north woods of Wisconsin
The kids grew up with their toes in that sand
They’d play card games and study some Latin
They’d sing along to musicals hand in hand

And no one noticed how much time was passing
Because when you’re up there, they say time stands still
I guess it’s true, the world can’t give you much harassing
When you’re nestled in that house up on that hill

But here’s the truth about that lake up in Wisconsin
It’s had to let a lot of people move on
And while it’s not the same, I’m sure they’re still listenin’
When we share memories of those who have gone

Yeah, they scolded us for not wearing sunscreen
But it’s still the best times we’ve ever had
And those trees are still the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen
It’s still the greatest place, even when you’re sad

It’s just a legendary lake up in Wisconsin
So no matter how far we all roam
It’s a place I know will never be forgotten
Cause it’s a place we all will always call hom