Marlody — Otherly

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Текст Marlody — Otherly

You never seem to be afraid
Almost as if
You have some
Underlying faith
That somehow
Everything will be ok

How did you get to be this way
Was there a voice
To give you
Reason to be absolutely certain
In the things you say?

Is there a piece of wetted clay
That can be shaped
Into a
Body that becomes itself
So wholly and so readily?

Where are the answers gone?
You finished the corrections
But there’s something wrong

You’re floating fast away
You’re tethered to a boat
That’s got no mooring place

And in the midst of this
There is a hint of
Some strange fiction
That could be keeping out
The weight of all affliction

And so you drift away
Still tethered to a boat
That’s got no mooring place

If only you could find
Some simple stretch of land
To cast yourself
Into a shadowed wood

But all you knew
To be the truth
Was not for good
And all the words
Have long been flown

Perhaps you never

And yet the vision of such perfect bliss
As only in such perfect faith exists
Persists enough to keep your lonely self betrayed

Your only hope
Will lift you as you lay
Upon the earth in which you will decay
Believing somehow everything will be ok