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Текст Manowar — Dark Avenger

He broke the laws of the elders
So they plucked out his eyes
Took his land and fortune
Left him to die

Bound on the shoreline
Left for the tide
Sees his lifeblood leaving
Circling lower, the vultures fly

His bones may be broken
But the spirit can’t die
And the Gods see his anguish
And give him a sign

From the floor of the ocean
The ship of the lost souls rise
And they take him
Where no one sleeps while the undead cry
Where no one sleeps while the undead cry

And in the world above
The elders sing
On his land they live
Let death’s bell ring

He was met at the gate of Hades
By the Guardian of the Lost Souls, the Keeper of the Unavenged
And He did say to him
«Let you not pass, abandon
Return to the world from whence you came
And seek payment, not only for thine own anguish
But vindicate the souls of the Unavenged»

And they placed in his hands a sword made for him
Called Vengeance, forged in brimstone
And tempered by the woeful tears of the Unavenged

And to carry him up on his journey back to the upper world
They brought forth their Demon horse called Black Death
A grim steed so fearsome in might and black in colour
That he could stand as one with the darkness
Save for his burning eyes of crimson fire

And on that night they rose up from Hell
The pounding of his hooves did clap like thunder

Burning, death, destruction
Raping the daughters and wives
In blood I take my payment
In full with their lives

No one can escape me
On Black Death I ride
When kissed by the sword of Vengeance
Your head lays there by your side
I take the lives of all that I once knew
The torn flesh of a slow death waits for you

I spare not land or servants
My wake is smoke and flame
I take their wives and daughters
They stand there watching, watching
Hoping to get their lives
But when I’m through they know they must pay
With their lives, with their lives