Lil Tracy — Radio Killa

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Текст Lil Tracy — Radio Killa

Ooh, B-Bighead on the beat!
Radio killa
Ayy, ayy, ayy (Radio killa)
Lil Tracy
Radio killa
Come here Bighead!

Ice in my mouth like some ice in a cup with some actavis (Actavis, actavis)
I’m balling like Tracy McGrady, you need to keep practicin’ (Tracy McGrady)
Yeah, I look like a prince, gettin’ that neck in a palace, woah (Neck, neck, neck, neck)
I am a pretty lil’ nigga, bust a nut on an actress (Ew, ew)
Yeah, her pussy too wet, she left a stain on my mattress
Eat on that pussy like pills, pussy juice all on my grills, ew
Pussy juice all on my grills, ew
Whoa, whoa, pussy juice all on my grills

I want a castle, I don’t wanna be in the field
Designer rug, bitch, don’t spill that cup (Don’t spill that cup)
Pourin’ expensive champagne , I don’t sip no beer
These hoes tell me I look good, I don’t think I need a mirror
I fuck that check up just like a vagina
I got too much paper, I need me a binder (Binder)
She suck my dick for two hours, as long as a movie (A movie)
She is a groupie lil’ bitch, I put a Xan in her coochie (Whoa, whoa)
Oh, kill ’em, oh slay (Slay)
Radio killa, ayy, ayy
Oh, kill ’em, oh slay
Radio killa, ayy, ayy
Oh, kill ’em, bitch slay
Slay, slay, yuh, yuh