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Great Gatsby

(Oh in my imagination)

You were thinkin’ ‘bout the dark in the light time
He was pullin’ you apart in the wrong mind
You didn’t listen to your heart when the light shines
Now you feel bad ‘cause you didn’t have a good time
Though it’s really hurting you and you felt bad
Made you feel like it was true and you felt sad
When he be yellin’ shit at you, you didn’t yell back
You were terrified of the thoughts that he held back
You know it’s never really healthy to feel that
And when he wanted to you fuck you appeal back
All the emotions that he broke, I can heal that
With a little time, made the promise “never feel that”
Tell you he would never change, didn’t stay true
Now I’m too afraid to say that I love you
Because these feelings that you had are above you
Half a broken heart because you took the over part too
Now I gotta really pray there’s no part too
I know I don’t believe in God but I’m strong too
See your friends, he don’t wanna be a part two
He just want to fuck you, and throw away your heart soon
You got a call from your ex and you still scared
Send the ball over text, didn’t over share
That man is toxic, a mess, but I’m still here
With a little distress, but it’s still fair
Because I’m too far away to make a ripple
FaceTime at night made my love for you triple
And when I think about what really is the issue
When I fall asleep inside a dream I still miss you
All the things I could get, but it still hurt
If I blow off a grip I’m the one hurt
If I hit another shake I’m the one hurt
She made me feel like a king but I’m unsure
(Oh in my imagination)