JyellowL, Aaron Unknown — Asylum

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Текст JyellowL, Aaron Unknown — Asylum

Mummy knows whats best
I bet she doesn’t know her sons been close to death
Couple things I won’t express, see I went viral on the internet
Sacrificing my intellect
One of the most viewed warm up sessions but I weren’t focus then
Off the instagram bandwagon I’m posting less
Like when the message gets delivered your wishing you never wrote the text, here today, gone tommorow
Why we anxious for the future when nobody really knows whats next
I thought that I was so depressed, really I was over blessed
They might dip a toe in but they won’t go the depths

Went from unknown to under new knowledge and now I pose a threat, why?
Actually I’m spitting lyrics factually, touching on all the subject matters that your favourite rappers just won’t address
Used to dirty money im keeping my sheets clean
Now I’m starting 11 but, trust me bro I know the bench

Focused on my goals don’t get it twisted I still know defence and now I’m getting pounds for my minutes but I still hold the pence
So fuck the kettle in your wrist, We’re a different kettle of fish
If you can fathom this perspective, You don’t need to
These are just some memories we been through
Mental scars that bleed through, Not one staple meal up in the fridge
Hood up in the crib it’s blitz!
Raised between SW2 AND CR0 so trust me bro there is no crustacean when I (See) food
I’m flying out my mummy where it’s sunny with a sea view
Tryna build a house in the mountains where I don’t need shoes
Never see me conforming because I read news not under new knowledge because I read news I’m under new knowledge of myself, So fuck my wealth I’m acknowledging my health
Avoid the artifical sugars on their shelves somehow regurgiating lyrics is satisfying my sweet tooth

Been on this ting since we were rocking Evisu
And now I feel my responsiblity is to speak truth
So if I sign a deal, It’s coming with independant rights
U.N.K.N.O.W.N Records till I die
Freedom an essential vibe
Signing with a major can start with an expensive hype but years down the line you realise that there’s extensive ties
They cropped ma wings, didn’t expect me to fly
But I hit the ground running I’m protecting ma slice

Making bread now they wanna take a slice
Cos I’m Married to my dough maker like a bakers wife
Now I know This is my domain cos when i wake at night I can’t describe the feeling like I’m dreaming through my naked eyes
People wanna see the change nobody wants to pay the price
People wanna see him shamed nobody wants to save his life
When surfing the crowd you need an audience to stabilise
Hold each other up and that way we can elevate in kind

Had enemies gave us hella grief major ways
Mad jealousy and gave us every reason day to day
Bad energy to shave off still I never raise a blade
If I go to jail I’ll never do it for a pagans sake
I just keep on rapping though
I never get jump when I jump into my rabbit hole
In a state when they hear my tunes bumping in the capital
Think you can break J lol you’ve got me laughing loads
But before I have to go
Another gear to tap into I’m unaware avenues that others hear of attitude must be my greatest attribute I’ve always been an active youth could never take a passive route take the harder one and then start with an adaptive move

They’re pound foolish but they’re penny wise
Nothing’s ever out their mouth muted give me kenny vibes
Like it’s sound proof you never hear the cries Squeeze their account juices and found it’s now useless in the telling times

Whose keeping youths financially savvy
Because you can buy a house from buying ounces of ammy go buy a house for your nanny but you can ruin all your plans just by announcing planning I see vivid in the real world where thousands have vanished see the dail and Parliaments are full clowns without outfits wanna make a pay day and go and lounge with their spouses I’m afraid they wanna make and allowance and bounce it’s a shamed fate for all the thousands that the council abandoned