Guapdad 4000 — Freeband Phoenix

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Текст Guapdad 4000 — Freeband Phoenix

Young nigga
Trying to build my stack bigger
Cheeks in hand
I squeeze hoes and slap niggas
Upgrade, you old version, you wack nigga
Real prize to you cracker jack niggas
Weed Pack Shipper
Cognac Sipper
Floatting in this Hennessy I need a new liver
Ballet with my demon’s always keep me on my toes
Pirouetting over hoes
Two stepping to my goals
Nigga’s be salt lake city so i don’t trust shit
They see your pain and make you think its nothin’
Just cause I’m not the type of nigga to bust shit
Don’t mean that your shit won’t get Busted
Neimans, Saks Fifth, Nordstroms, Barney’s, Margiela, Rick, Raf, More shit
Trying to wear black shit
To impress that bitch
Then she pull up and I realize that that the bitch a cat fish
Rub me down, tell me what she want
Im a black genie
On nigga’s heads like snapbacks, beanies
Just because I’m into different shit doesn’t mean I’m wack nigga
Believe me
I really slap nigga’s
I’m back nigga and you know I’m that nigga
Its a check
Jealous nigga’s mad bitter
Already stressed so don’t call me with no hoe shit
This ain’t no metro girl don’t call me with no broke shit
Don’t ask for expensive ass meals if yo ass wasn’t around for extensions on bills
Hit you with that flavor it might put you in your feels
Shrink might put me on pills on the real
Now you wanna ride with, now you wanna scam with me
Treat me like family
I finessed for everything I ever had
Hit once and i never looked back
Nigga’s really up right now so, I don’t give a fuck right now
Yeah nigga
Its a check