Femdot — Snuck to Matty’s

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Текст Femdot — Snuck to Matty’s

It’s 1:37, I’m supposed to be home at twelve
And the homie that I’m with
Man he supposed to be home as well
Thirty minutes away, I still gotta drop him off
Every 30 minutes make up a lie and call my mom
Know if I get in trouble again my car is gone

Told her that I caught a flat while I was on my way home
And I got pulled over and the cops behind the car
Running my license plate, that’s why it’s taking so long
Had a old picture of a flat tire from before
That she ain’t know about so I texted her as proof
I told her the cops was racist, they told me not to move
And if I did for any reason they said they gone shoot
Certain elements of the story was true
Well we did have a flat, well really more than that
Cause before we left the party man my homie had popped two
And cops was behind us before we left the party to
Run in the house that we had went into
See, let me rewind you
And catch everybody up to how we so late
And so far away from home
It’s about 8 o’clock and I just asked my mom
To go out to a party that’s 20 minutes down the road

And it’s Friday night, the perfect time to ask is now
Cause she tired from work ’cause she just got home
Plus my homie already over so well I know
Well it’s a little bit harder for her to say no
She said cool just be home on time
Long as you back by curfew then you’ll be fine
Don’t be out too late Fem
I know that other kids do but them other people’s kids remember
Them not mine
Okay cool so
Now I understand she wasn’t having it
Slipped to the basement, to my daddy’s cabinet
Where he kept his liquor and I seen the cognac in it
And then he never drink it
So he wouldn’t notice I was snatchin’ it
Put it in my jacket so my mom ain’t seen me grabbin’ it

Kissed her on the cheek as I’m ready to leave
It’s like 9:03 cause I had to get dressed
So I grabbed the keys, hopped in my little Camry
A little ’94 hooptie that was painted forest green
With some dents on the side but still ride smooth
My man said he need some tree, I don’t got none I ran out
But it’s cool cause I know my guy do
Told him meet us at the function with a 3.5 on him
We’ll cop if we have to, my man’s a match too
Said the function at my homie crib that I met from playing AAU ball
Cool dude, name was Matthew
Everybody called him Matty
See my mom ain’t like Matty
Cause he came from the hood that we had moved from
See we in the ‘burbs now
Bout 35 minutes away from the streets that I had grown on
Told my momma I was going to my boy Joe house

Twenty minutes away from the new one
Joe went to my high school, well parents knew him too
Cause you know, nigga came by the house a few times
See Joe ain’t get it crackin’ like Matty and them did
Cause Matty and them parents wasn’t home all the time
So Matty’s house was jukin’, it was always the move
And it was always the place that everybody would just go
I’m talking gangsters, ball players, cheerleaders, hoopers
And all the card crackers and niggas selling dope
Like my homie Josh that I’m gone cop from
For my homie that I told you about earlier before
We in the whip putting cognac all in our cokes
That we grabbed from the gas station before we hit the road
It’s a little traffic right now on 94
So we took a couple shots while it was moving slow

It’s like 9:54 by the time we get to Matty’s and it’s already bussing
Parked two blocks down the road
Walked in, seen Josh had a whole pre-rolled
3.5 in the wood, said he was down to smoke
Seen Jade, that’s my ex, but I still be hitting though
And she already T’d, trying to drink out the coke that I got
The music cracking, all the guys in the spot
Know I got about an hour before I head home
I pull Jade to the corner and I’m like what you on
Trying to take something down, you know before I gotta go
So we slide to the car, then I slide down the draws

In the back of the car, after she jawed me
And I got a quickie, that Miguel no hickies
Afterwards we just pop right back in the party
Everybody drunk getting high off pills
And homie took two in the back of the party
Niggas start capping over the girls they smashing
And both of these niggas brought straps to the party
They each brought they niggas, now first nigga start shooting
Everybody scatter as they blast in the party
I grab Jade fast, throw her ass on the ground
As they let off rounds I kneel over to hold her

Adrenaline so high as I take her outside
I ain’t notice I had a bullet graze in my shoulder
My man’s outside by the car by luck
This dumb nigga said that he forgot his coca-cola
Right before they start shooting, happy to be alive
It’s like 11:25, I drop Jade at the corner
To meet with a friend, she was trying to link again at the food spot
That’s down by the Kroger
Taking to Josh, he still at the house
He say that Matty laid out on the sofa

Jim, Wahn, PJ, Tanesha all got hit but
Matty the only one who life really over
I’m tweaking out, police pull up and they run up in the house
Niggas all on the street, party leaking out
They asking what happened but nobody know what happened
Cause we all niggas no one know what the police speaking ’bout
11:35 told Jade to stand in line at the food spot
Cause I’m gonna get something just to sober up
Cause if I walk in the house and my momma see I’m drunk
Then I swear to God man it’s really gonna be over for
By the time we get through the streets and make it to the food spot
Seen my watch it’s 11 like 51
Parked on the street, walk up to the spot

Open the door, see Jade and her friend at the front
Get a 6-piece mild sauce and a water cup
That I fill with hella ice then Hawaiian Punch
That I got from the fountain that’s on my left side
That I seen by the cash register when walking up
Twitter goin’ crazy
Everybody tweetin’
RIP Matty, and pray for Tenesha
They was prom king and queen last weekend
And we was in the same prom group that they was in

So me and Jade felt the same way when we was seated
She looked at my shirt like what happened to your shoulder
I seen a burnt hole and little skin missing
It’s starting to burn now
Starting to think if I didn’t duck on time it could’ve been real different
My mans drinking water trying to come down from the pills
But his mom’s don’t care so I know he gon’ be straight

Already told my momma that I caught a flat tire
And I got pulled over cause I knew I was gonna be late
Took 35 minutes for them to make the food
Plus fifteen to eat it ‘fore we went outside
Plus we talked for a minute after everyone was finished
So I ain’t get to the car until 1:25
We parked right behind Jade, kissed her on the forehead

Let me know when you get home
And be safe when you drive
Now it’s 1:37 on the phone with my mom
Saying Imma drop my homie off, be there by 2:05
Well you know, GPS, said like 2:15
But 2:05 sound better so I lied
Spraying down my shirt with some cologne
Pop some gum, grab my jacket, and put some eye drops in my eyes
On my way to drop my mans off at his mom’s
He sleep, I tap him on the shoulder when I was outside
Tell me he love me, say I love him back

That’s my nigga
As I pull off all up in the ride
I’m going 80 in a 45 to cut down the time
Pull up, park the car, it’s 2:09
Walk into my mom with her eyes half open half closed
On the couch she made a deep ass sigh
So she asked me what happened exactly so I lied
Bout these racist cops that pulled me over tonight

They took forever but you know thank God
They let us off with a warning it just took a long time
She asked how was the party
Weren’t you supposed to be at a party in the first place
I can’t say that it got lit up or she’d never let me out
So I just say it was cool
And hope she don’t see my hands shaking when I get up