Exhumed — The Matter of Splatter

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Текст Exhumed — The Matter of Splatter

Pernicious — A ghastly Gordian quandary to elucidate
Pestiferous — A nebulous necrotic novelty to navigate
Labyrinthine — A contumely carnal conundrum to cogitate
Serpentine — An exulcerated entanglement to execrate
Hands stained and filthy from digging deep for the answer
That lies at the heart of the matter of splatter
Eschatological — The grave matters with which we struggle
Pathological — The perverse perpetuation of this purulent puzzle
Repugnant — The wretched riddle unravels in a reeking revelation
Repulsive — The final fetid farce yields such a rancid realization
Now your morbid curiosity may finally be answered
Deep in the heart of the matter of splatter
A morbid matter on which to meditate or mutilate
A deathly detail to deliberate and desiccate
A sombre study in which sagacity is tantamount to insanity
An insalubrious interest in the inhumed and the unsanitary
An unhealthy pursuit of the purulent and parturient
A feculent fixation upon the fetid filth and excrement
An exhaustive examination of the excreted and the exhumed
A tireless appetite to hill the silt atop the tomb
Nebulous — The sanguineous solution is seldom seen before the last
Amorphous — Seemingly always six deep feet beyond your grasp
Funereal — Carnal cartography to chart the course of life’s denouement
Corporeal — The wretched revelation that you sought proves harder to swallow
Than you’d thought
That anatomy is destiny is the unforgiving answer
Culled from the heart of the matter of splatter