Exhumed — Clawing

Слушать Exhumed — Clawing

Текст Exhumed — Clawing

Scratching at the coffin lid, fingers start to bleed
The air is growing thin, you have no breath to scream
First come the worms, Then the maggots start to squirm
The clawing becomes frantic, your hope quickly fades
There’s no to escape, trapped alive in this grave
Desperately you cry out, your mouth fills with dirt
Between you and your freedom, is six feet of earth

The weevils arrive
Your body will become their hive
Clawing at your grave
The casket takes a slave
Denied the air you crave
You will never be saved
Solo Matt

Clawing at the box
A prison with no lock
Your resurrection blocked
Your soul remains in hock
Solo Sebastian
Clawing at your tomb
Death is coming soon
In this grave you lie marooned

But you will never be exhumed
Hands peeled and bloody, fingers worked to the bone
You will die within this casket, forgotten and alone