Clutch — The House That Peterbilt

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Текст Clutch — The House That Peterbilt

When I talk, talk on the C-B
Yeah, I scare men
My, my tire knockers rock the parking lot
Quite a lot, yeah!
Rolled around forty then roared down ten
Released my cargo around the big bend

I always take my time
A maverick moon miner sipping sunshine
Hauled ass to Memphis, I spoke to the Pharaoh
He told me his dreams, I counted the sparrows
Steve McQueen got nothing on me
I’ll take you back west of Pleiades’s

You want someone to talk to?
Well, I’m your man!
I’ve seen it all
And I know where you live
High time honey, hell yeah!

What you know, I’m back again, yeah!
Roll, roll down highways
With a vengeance, yeah!
I never, ever sweated
For the fortune and fame game

Nevertheless, I’m flying down the left lane
I always pay my dues, so sit your ass down
I’ll show you how they used to
A preacher, a trucker, a high roller
A holy rolling, preaching, rolling trucker