Bones — WhereTheTreesMeetTheFreeway

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Текст Bones — WhereTheTreesMeetTheFreeway

Lightin’ up the blunt while I’m thinking of you
Walking down the block
I ain’t whippin’ the coup
Take another drag while I look at the moon
Young GPS I come equip with the route
I don’t have to wonder cause I see the truth
I don’t need love you can hear the proof
Break another bag while I feel the ruins
Start to look my way but I ain’t in the mood
My closet’s nothing but Harley
I ride hard without fallin’
Goodwrench on this deadboy
I rev the wheels now they foggy
Sponsors floodin’ my inbox but there’s one thing that they don’t know
I stuff thick money in my thin socks
And not yet to sign for no dough

You don’t wanna die with a guy like me
I know that you
Got another plan
No you got another dream
So why can’t you?
Breathe in

Fuck you and your team
Fuck you and your dreams
You look like the rest and you sounding like me
Gotta co-sign now you think you a beast
Fuck that and fuck this
I put that up on me
Act like you hard but in person you sweet
Yet to meet you but I heard from the streets
You couldn’t breathe if you stepped up to me
Look at my eyes and I’ll show you the creep
Blade on my dick ain’t a fuckin’ thing changed
These baby boys rappin
I feel like Ving Rhames
Bitch keep it down you got nothing to say
Watch how you walk
And don’t walk in my way