Blow Your Winds — Masterplan

In the night I search for light
I sail my dream to end between reality and fantasy
It saves me in my black hole
Fools awake all around lost and found
We burned in silence
Shocked this world rocked this life
It’s our melody of sacrifice
I’ve cried me a lake of tears
But there was always a time for healing
One day I’ll make it to the sun
Blow my winds blow
Stormy winds blow
All the way dreams will rain down
Fly my winds fly
I’ll be soaring high my friend
Till the end
Walk with me I’ll make you see
You can feel beyond the sorrow
Break the spell and burn your hell
Away from your tomorrow
If you wish upon a star
It makes no difference who you are
You’ll make it to the sun
Blow your winds blow
All your winds blow
Clouds will stay but love will rain down
Fly your winds fly
In your deepest sky my friend
Your heart will dream again
One day our cry is done
There’ll be a new beginning
Some day will make it to the sun
Blow our winds blow
Stormy winds blow
We’ll be searching till the end