Apathy — The Grand Leveler

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Текст Apathy — The Grand Leveler

I strike a pose with the pistol grip, pussies gettin’ pistol whipped
Positive and negative I’m on that Dark Crystal shit
Crystallized bodies like exposure to liquid ice
Lived inside a ghetto in Hell but got evicted twice
The man and the myth, I’m Hiram Abiff
I’ll resurrect Jesus myself and buy him a spliff
I build pyramids, parallel portals to other worlds
Married to Mary Magdalene but still fuck other girls
The widow’s son, the wickedest one
So get your North Face motherfucker the winter’s begun
I summon winds, walls of water taller than towers
Gather your pallbearers, I’m burying all you cowards
The merciless Ming, Connecticut’s king
Archangel who was born on this earth with no wings
When Gabriel’s horn sings and the Father returns
I’ll cook a marshmallow on a stick while your soul burns
The grand leveler

The Grand Leveler…
The Grand Leveler…
The Grand Leveler…

Three is the magic number, the stars on the belt of the hunter
The pyramids of Giza that were built directly under
The knocks on the door that signify it’s my brother
We spread light in winter then go dark for the summer
I’m absent minded, sippin’ on green Absinth
Unlock my brain then travel through Pan’s Labyrinth
Lab full of beakers and bubbling Bunsen burners
Dungeon full of murderers chained to the steel girders
Gods peer through telescopes, heavenly observers
Aliens visit earth and brought us stone workers
Stargates and black holes, angels and black Crows
All do the same job, they transport souls
Annunaki came to the planet to take gold
These have been the ways since the days of old
3 wise men, 3 kings et cetera
The Dog Star emperor, Orion nebula
The Grand Leveler