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Текст — Aerosmith — Cheese Cake

I met a babe in a backseat drive in Back in the saddle she’d sit
Pulled on the reins just to keep me risin’
She loved to chomp at the bit
Daddy do it ooh just do it Daddy do it please let me see
Do it please just do it daddy

Do it do it drivin’ me crazy
She always walks with her eyes down on her bootlace
She lives to give it away
She don’t believe in the right time or the wrong place
She’s always liable to say
(cheese cake) looser than her sister

(cheese cake) mmm, her sugar gets me high
She knows I can’t resist her (cheese cake)
Got my fingers in her pie (cheese cake)
(cheese cake) sneakin’ out the back door
(cheese cake) rollin’ down the lawn
Everybody’s kissed her (cheese cake)
At the crack of dawn (cheese cake)