A Fight for Life — Wanderer

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Текст A Fight for Life — Wanderer

I am the wanderer
I am the wanderer
I am the one who dares to cross
With a tight grip in my fist
I face the great unknown
Fearless to what comes next
Trust only what you have seen
Never believe the dead
Erase the past
Erase my memories
They’re only there to fill my head with doubt
It’s time to make to make a change

You can call it running away
But I refuse to see this as a mistake
Open mouth
Let it all out
People always have something to say
Talk Talk Talk
All for what
This is is what I’ve chosen to be
I know there’s more
There’s more out there
Then waste my time
To waste it on you
Can you believe we’ve made it this far?
I’ll be the one to pave my own way
Take matters into my own hands
Not only for me, but for the ones without a voice to speak
The ones that never had a chance from the start
This world is endless, it belongs to you and me
This world is endless, so begin and follow me
Follow me