WPN, 6LACK — Her

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Hello, hello
Hello, hey

[Verse: WPNOFLOVE & 6LACK, both]
Hello, how you doing, baby?
I must be hallucinating
‘cause i ain’t never seen nobody like you
Oh, no, don’t you keep me waiting
I ain’t down for the chasing
Deep soul penetration, ooh

Baby, i got you where i need you
My seven chakras need you
I’d be stupid to leave you
Do you take me for a fool
Or something, babe?
Wanna get you to my room
Can you create something that
We’ll both remember for the days?
Oh, yeah

I want you to tell me what your fantasy is (Yeah, yeah)
If it don’t involve me i’ll dismantle that shit (Yeah, yeah)
Master the art of your heart
Don’t know what amateur is
Point-blank range in the dark
When the flood comes where’s Noah’s ark?
I don’t know
What you were thinking?
Giving me your body and soul
Speaking of your body
Did you dip that thang up in gold?
I’m tryna earn a trophy with this

I swear i ain’t playing no games (No games)
And now i’m in your brain, damn
Girl, when was the last time
You called someone else’s name?
What’s my name? (Ahahah)
Just get with the program
Don’t know why you’re acting strange
Such a shame