The Struts — Tatler Magazine

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Текст The Struts — Tatler Magazine

Everyday it’s the same
I go to work then back again
I flick through the pages
Oh, to be rich and be shameless
And when I close my eyes I’m inside
I play out every word I read
Some people stay content with how they’re living
Well I want more

I wanna be in a Tatler Magazine
It’s been my ambition and dream
Since I was about seventeen
And one day my luck’s gonna change
When I’m featured double page
Living life rich, young and free
Inside a Tatler Magazine

You’ll see me going for walks with my labradoodles
Living with the highest of society
Sippin’ on tea,
All dressed in satin and whites
Oh how it’s good to be me

I’ll fly privately, bon voyage economy
Exploring first world fantasy
No need to wake up before three if you’re me
I know I’ve got what it takes
I’ll get a beautiful face and a Morgan
Whizzing around all over the place
(On your marks, set, go!)

Someday I’ll be there
Country weekends, love affairs
I may not have that family tree
But I’ll be damned if I do not succeed
‘Cause one day everyone will know
I’m the star of my own show
Living life in luxury inside a Tatler Magazine
(I want to be) Inside a Tatler
Life’s a little bit sweeter in a Tatler Magazine
Ooh (Hey)