Lil Tracy — Jealousy

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Текст Lil Tracy — Jealousy

Yeah, yeah, yeah
They jealous of us
Yuh, yuh, aye
They jealous of us
Yuh, yuh
They jealous of us
Ooh, Bi-Bighead on the beat
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
I’m so horny, I’m fuckin’ this beat
My bitch a freak, I just nut on her feet
Chokin’ her out while I hit it, boy, she could barely breathe
She say she love that shit, she so psychotic and I love that shit
Yeah, yeah
I’m the shit, they wanna flush me
I’m that stuff they wanna cut me
Monkey see, monkey do, l’m a gorilla, Harambe
You beefin’ on Twitter, that’s not beef, it’s salami
I’m so mature, I might just go on a date with your mommy
Step in the club, they jealous of us
Ooh, yuh, they jealous of us
I would be too if I was you, for real
Can’t sign no deal unless we talkin’ ’bout a few mil
Yeah, yeah
They jealous of us
Yeah, yeah, yeah
They jealous of us

[Verse 2]
Jealousy is in the air, but Lil Tracy still breathin’
I’m a pretty lil’ nigga and I only fuck divas
Yeah, I’m comin’ up, I got buzz like a beeper
Touchin’ on that lil’ bitch butt, I’ma flirt, I’ma tease her
I’m so rude, I might just fuck then not speak to you, bitch
I’m Beezy, I might just fuck then fall asleep on you, bitch
I stay focused, dot my I’s, cross my T’s, you lil’ bitch
Ice in my mouth, but ain’t nobody punch me in the lip
Yeah, I can tell when a nigga got jealously
Got a white bitch and an ebony, they kissin’ each other right next to me
I might just let ’em have sex, I’ma go fuck on a check
I run it up not losing breath, I’m finna get M’s, I used to get F’s

Lil Tracy
Lil Tracy, Lil Tracy
Yeah, yeah, they jealous of us
Ohh, yeah, they jealous of us
Bitch, they jealous of us