JGRXXN — Preach It To Em

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Текст JGRXXN — Preach It To Em

Yeahhh, yuhh
This that preacher music
So preach it to ’em
Got the choir singing like it’s pastor music
Your people still talk about illuminati
Your body got hit with that 12 shotty
North Atlanta boy with a bad [?]
Shawty want me with a- hold up
I preach it to ’em
JGRXXN preach it to ’em
Watch the throne out the west
This that [?]
But all this dick hoppin’ gotta come to a stopping
It’s obvious
I can see it like a trend and topic
Now why I didn’t say nobody
People always think I’m talkin’ to ’em
Only thing I spit is the truth
This akin to some gospel music, uhhh

Like that?