J-Green — Tales From The Mack Junt Pt. 2

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Текст J-Green — Tales From The Mack Junt Pt. 2

[Verse: JGRXXN]
What’s up mane?
JGRXXN in the cut with my niggas mane
Creepin’, never sleepin’, as I can’t finding the Chevy thang
All the bitches tripping if they think they can’t get over me
Break your knees, make that hoe suck dick through her fucking teeth
Pimp a hoe, slap a hoe
With that chrome .44
If you pull up with some man [?]
If he talkin’ all that shit, pop that trunk like Lil Sko
Nickle plated burner have you knockin’ at the dealers door
What’s up mane?
I’ll be in the cut, that’s where my niggas see
Told you boys in ’93, you better fall up off of me
Flexing with no Lexus, got a [?] in a Chevy steamer
Give me something, give me all your cheese
Psychopathic lunatic, steamer mane I must deploy
High as fuck, [?] gin in cup, mane I must destroy it
’05 all we want was Cheezy and some Pastor Troy
Mixin’ with some gucci Triple 6 and them Yungin boys

[Outro x3: Sample from DJ Killa C — Green Leaves]
Coming down on your block in a Cadillac Fleetwood skating on triple goldies
100 smoke nigga, what the fuck you mean?
Velveeta nigga bitch I be about my G’s