Animosity — A Passionate Journey

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Текст Animosity — A Passionate Journey

Today I dreamt of life on earth and I boarded a train ready for the world
Descending on the streets where the sky is scraped and the crowds collect
Confused and alone I try to find my way
My heart beat as I chased my life through the street
Walk with me
Cold world, embrace me because I am lost in the chaos and I feel all alone

Nothing to call my own
I fell in love today and it was the best thing I ever felt
No more confusion about who I am because this is who I want to be
I woke up with a purpose and I laughed back at the crowds drowning in modern bullshit
I planted a tree in front of my home and I can no longer see out of my window but it makes me smile just to watch it grow
And I opened my eyes to the beautiful things that make my world spin around
Today I heard that another hundred men were killed
Many people joined me in dismay and we crowded the streets
Today everything was taken from me, stripped down to nothing but a bag of bones

Today I ripped out my heart out of my chest and I stamped it into the earth
My face turned to raw bone and I danced with the stars
And the pages stopped turning in my passionate journey
They just couldn’t tame him