Animosity — Plutocrazy

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Текст Animosity — Plutocrazy

The dream is dead and seldom lived
So there has to be a better way than just hoping to be rich
But I look around and what I see
You’re purose is to pollute me, to degrade me

Sign my name unwillingly agree to fucking slavery
I know it fucking sucks, but what can I do I’ve got to hold on, have to try to make it through
When we are left on our own to freeze, every man is the enemy
Spend my life to improve his
Toil while he is spoiled
It doesn’t make sense
Everyday it kills me

But what can I do
To be a part of the system is to be ruled
No one is given a fair chance and at times life is a gamble
Brought it to existence born already wearing the capitalist shackles
Push me to the bottom and crush me into the earth
HOw low I go or tall I stand traces back to my birth
Use it to defile my freedom and despoil my home
Desecrate my mind and my life as a whole
I know there is more to life than this, but I can’t just forget

You want to feed yourself, then place your bet
The only true freedom from this shit is isolation
But I won’t live interned to a cage in captivation