Vorgok — Kill Them Dead

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Текст Vorgok — Kill Them Dead

Dwelling in the dark, full force of the primitive
Hails violence in the name of ignorance
Avoids debate, it´s way´s irrationality
Cannot accept to each one his own life
Hermetic minds, simplistic tunnel vision
One-dimensional frame of all reality
Existence denied to the multiverse
Freewill taken for foe

«Kill ´em dead, scum of no human nature»
Says arrogant, self-righteous, empty pride
«Before they spread we shall fill ´em with lead
And purify the world with demise»

Despotic preacher demands blood of the infidels
Ungodly words which anger feeds upon
The persecution propelled by animosity
Inferior creatures condemned to rot in hell
The story´s told, the lesson´s taught
There´s just one way out for the human kind
Secular State the antidote for bigotry
Despise the urges of faith

Fanatic hordes, hateful beliefs
Humanity at it´s worst
So blind to see that we can be
As one though not the same
The shallow graves dug by the dead
The display of heads on stakes
Cannot suppress the will inside
Of those led by virtue