The Neighbourhood — YG call

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Текст The Neighbourhood — YG call

Alright, no problem, I’ll do it
I’m, I’m at the studio right now, so I’ll just do a little intro, uh
Fuck, dude, I’m nervous, I’ve never done
I’ve never done like an intro like that
I don’t wanna sound like a fuckin’ idiot, ah, ah

Nah, you gon’ sound cool, just swag it out like «Hey, this Jesse
Hey, this Jesse from The Neighbourhood
And we’re ’bout to cover «Me & My Bitch» from YG, too»
Say it how you would like, say it
Yeah yeah, okay, okay

That ain’t nothin’, nigga, you got that shit, you, you swagged out
Alright, yo, hit me when you get back to California
Yep, I got you
Alright, peace (yeah)