Scorpions — New Generation

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Текст — Scorpions — New Generation

Another day no peace in sight
A solution, far away
The military won the war
Certainly not for you and me
How many generations will it take
To cut the stream of blood
I hear voices that spin inside my head
It’s your voice that counts so much

Here comes the young
The new generation
You are the only ones
You are the only ones who can make a change
The world looks kind of small from way up there
Through the window of our time
The shuttle broke into a million pieces
In the bluest sky
The world is spinning around way too fast
And New York City went all dark

There’s a message that goes out tonight
From the bottom of my heart
Always hold on to your dreams
Because the world is not the same
The day your hope will die
Just carry on for you and me
Because it’s the spark inside that flame
That gives your visions life
We are we are the new generation
We are the only ones
We are the only ones who can make a change