Scorpions — The Scratch

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Текст — Scorpions — The Scratch

It’s been so long out on the road
Weeks and months gone by
You lost some weight and you shed your Ioad
Your well is running dry

I got an itch you cannot scratch, cannot scratch
Feels like someone’s coming back, coming back
Looks like we’re about to have some fun, fun, fun
So here I come
And you’re the one (two, three, four)
Babe, l’m here, l’m back
So Iove me do

I want you, too (three, four, five)
Babe, l’m buzzin’ around your hive
The years that passed, they’ve not been kind
I’m thinking more and more
About the girl that I left behind
When I walked out that door
Turn around, l’m coming back, coming back
There’s that itch I cannot scratch, cannot scratch
Looks like we’re about to have more fun