Roxy Music — Sunset

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Текст Roxy Music — Sunset

Oh look at the sun — it’s all a-glow
Slow burning star — sinking low
Heaven knows where you go
Out of sight, out of minds eye, no
Aw such a shame — you must leave
All day long you were a friend to me
Still — the moon’s company
Until morning when larks will sing
Horizon’s appointment you’ll keep
For sunswept flamingos must sleep
Scenes like these from my dreams
Cover cutting-room floors all over …..

Warm heart we spin slowly from view
Why are you sad — do you disapprove?
How we’ve wasted our time
Sunset — end of my day — my decline
Postscript you trace colours the sky
Red-letter light fades, is filed away
Sunburst fingers you raise
One last sigh of farewell — goodbye